Time to Saddle Up for the Orchid Rodeo (Show)!

March will begin with a flurry of activity for Houston Orchid Society. The meeting on Thursday, March 2, will be in the Memorial City Mall, the traditional setup venue for the Annual Show & Sale, which takes place March 4 and 5. This meeting will not be provided on Zoom.

It’s an honor that our group is allowed to take over the space and create this spectacular event. I appreciate the immense amount of time and planning the Show Committee has expended for this signature event, and I anticipate everyone will have a rewarding experience.

Just a couple of reminders for everyone. Please stop by the sign-in table on Thursday to get a name badge. This makes it easier for everyone get to know one other and identifies our group from others in the Mall.

If you are bringing orchids to exhibit be sure to check the show schedule on the website in advance. When you are at the mall, you will need to fill out an entry label for each plant, which includes the scientific name. People will be available to help you with this.

Using the schedule, make a tentative choice of the class for your label. Always verify with the judges and volunteers at the plant entry table to be sure your plants are correctly identified and checked in.

If you are participating in the HOS group exhibit, provide a separate list of every plant you bring so it isn’t a big hassle to retrieve them at the end of the show. Using tape, put your name on the bottom of each plant.

I don’t know if the show has ever happened in March before. I think it’s a perfect time to saddle up for an Orchid Rodeo!