The Houston Orchid Society, Inc. (HOS) is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Contributions to HOS (and the affiliated Houston Judging Center) are tax deductible.

The society represents a group of people who share a fascination with orchids. Organized November 15, 1945, it had the distinction of being the second society in the United States to affiliate with the American Orchid Society (AOS) on December 23, 1946.

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President: Sarah Bentley
VP Speakers: Stephen Gallagher
VP Shows and Plant Table: Brad Miller
VP Membership: Steve Fox
Treasurer: Winnie Yap
Recording Secretary: Donna Diggons
Past President (2020–21): Bill Caldwell

Affiliation Representatives

AOS: Jay Balchan
IPA: Ted Baenziger
ODC: Bill Caldwell
SWROGA: Don Maples & Ted Baenziger


Conservation: Nina Rach
Display Table: Brad Miller
Happenings Editor: Donna Diggons
Hospitality: Rick Hepler
Intermediate Group: Jay Balchan, Don Ghiz & Rick Hepler
Newcomer Group: Jay Balchan, Don Ghiz & Rick Hepler
Parliamentarian: Don Ghiz
Photography: Malcolm McCorquodale, Julius Klehm,
Marilyn Holloway & Tom D.
Plant Raffle: Ken Whitmire
Refreshments: James Nelson
Silent Auctions: Cherie Lee & Frank Lee
Spring Show: Jay Balchan
Summer Workshop: Randy Johnson
Technical Assistant: Brian Fitzgerald
Houston Judging Center: Ted Baenziger


Don Ghiz
Jay Balchan
Lily Chang
Amy Colville
Susan Dally
Malcolm McCorquodale
Holly Miller

Doritaenopsis Nobody’s Pink Lady

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale

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