Most of us will never forget the first time we saw an orchid or felt the excitement of bringing one home. That euphoria easily fades when we realize that precious orchid is either struggling to survive or has died despite our best efforts.

Orchids evolved on almost every continent in a wide variety of conditions and therefore most have a specific set of requirements they need to thrive. Five key variables should always be considered before choosing an orchid: air circulation, light, nutrition, temperature, and humidity/water requirements.

Understanding the needs of the orchid you found at the local nursery or local society is essential to ensuring you can provide that plant with a good home. Orchids requiring cool growing conditions may not be best for our backyards here in Texas, especially with our 100-degree-plus days, and those needing bright and moist conditions are not suitable for growing on a windowsill within our homes.

In this section of the site you will find resources that will introduce you to many popular genera as well as some that are not well known. In addition to online materials, we invite you to attend our Culture Club, which meets regularly and covers everything from the basics to more advanced cultural techniques. In the Culture Club, members share their successes and failures so everyone can learn.

The culture sheets below, courtesy of the American Orchid Society, provide an overview of some of the common species found for sale in our area. Click on each image to view the PDF culture sheet.

Rodrumnia Daisy ‘Cusi’s Pride’ (Blushing Angel x Spring Bouquet)
—Gus & Carmen Fernandez, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale

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