VP of Speakers Speaks at January 2 Meeting

Stephen Gallagher will sing the praises of growing Mormodes.

Stephen Gallagher portrait

At our February 2 meeting, Stephen Gallagher will speak about why you absolutely must grow Mormodes.

Stephen began growing orchids in 2015 while living in London. This primarily involved taking home Phalaenopsis orchids from the office reception area once the flowers had fallen off, occasional trips to Kew Gardens, and many failed searches for nurseries that sold more interesting orchids in the U.K.

Stephen promptly joined the Houston Orchid Society upon returning to Houston in 2016 where he met experienced orchid growers and now grows many different orchid genera. He seems to have the most success with Paphiopedilums, Catasetinae, and more recently Habenarias, Phragmipediums, and Bulbophyllums.

He served as chair of the HOS Newcomers Group in 2018 and 2019 and has served as VP of Speakers since 2022. Stephen joined the American Orchid Society in 2019 and has won four AOS awards for his orchids.

Stephen Gallagher graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a B.A. in Chemistry in 1997. Since then, he has spent 25+ years in investment banking, primarily in mergers and acquisition advisory and corporate finance.

All HOS meetings are held at First Christian Church, 1601 Sunset Boulevard, Houston, Texas, at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome.