Members Enjoyed Day at Spring Orchids for Culture Club—October 2022

Writing this short introduction during the month of September, I am reminded of the anticipation of “back to school.” A certain excitement is felt about gathering with friends not seen for a while and facing the challenge of learning new things These were the emotions I experienced at the September 18 Culture Club meeting. The event was held at the Spring Orchids greenhouses of Denny and Renée Haase. Everyone browsed the orchids, and most of us came away with a few new additions to our own collections.

Sitting together under the shade of their huge oak trees was very relaxing. Thanks to the efforts of the Culture Club committee chairs Jay Balchan, Don Ghiz, and Rick Hepler, there was a great distribution of long-time and newcomer members. About 40 people made the trek. Denny and Renée made everyone feel welcome and produced a delicious cookout of burgers and hot dogs. Yummy side dishes produced by the members added much to the meal.

In addition to the scheduled program from Dave Sorokowsky from Paph Paradise, the meeting on October 6 will feature raffle orchids selected by Ken Whitmire and Denny Haase with an eye toward special orchids for collectors. The slate of nominations for officers will be presented at the October meeting, for a subsequent vote in November. Please come to the meeting or attend via Zoom so we can continue to grow the Houston Orchid Society.

Greenhouses at Spring Orchids, owned by Denny and Renée Haase.