Houston Orchid Society 2022—Historical Opportunities!

Hello, everyone, I am Sarah Bentley, the incoming president of Houston Orchid Society. I’ve been a member since before the turn of this century. I purchased my first orchid at a HOS fundraising yard sale in the Montrose area about 1995. It was a Cattleya. Stephen Moffitt promised me it would have a big bloom. I’m still collecting Catts and appreciating big blooms.

Stephen was sharing the sales duties that day with Joe Fields, who was an awesome grower. He and his wife, Dolores, were major players in the doings of HOS in those days. Several other couples participated in all aspects of the club during those years. Melba and Jim Butler, and hybridizers Renee and Marvin Gerber (of ReMar fame) were at almost every meeting. Many other folks took part in every meeting, and their spouses would come in to assist at special events such as the Annual Orchid Show and Sale and the August Workshop. Members graciously opened their homes and greenhouses to the Newcomers group.

Newcomers Group and later, the Intermediate Growers extra meetings were a big draw to the membership. In the coming year, I intend to resume these gatherings. New protocols may be in order as a response to the pandemic.

I’m thinking back on all the orchid enthusiasts who made things happen for the club and who participated in almost every monthly meeting or supported the monthly judging meetings and the annual workshops and shows. Many people chaired committees to provide extra benefits such as the plant table and silent auction and raffle table. Not one event was the act of a single person.

Looking forward, I am excited to be representing you all as president in 2022. Our incoming VP of Speakers, Stephen Gallagher, is planning interesting programs and we are all working to get back on track after our forced inactivity of the past two years. Anyone who purchases a raffle ticket or supports our speaker by purchasing plants or simply comes to enjoy the presentation and attendant events is important to the HOS.

At the December 2021 meeting, the program includes opportunities to get new plants through the auction and the installation of officers. I hope you will feel welcome and find a way to enhance your life and that of the club by continuing to be an active supportive member of Houston Orchid Society.