Favorite Hybrids and Species at September 1 Plant Table

As our day lengths are gradually getting shorter, we are starting to see the effects on our fall-blooming plants. A notable increase in the number of plants was brought in to display at our September plant table. On display were 13 hybrids and an equal number of species.

As a reminder, every meeting the members present vote on their favorite hybrid and their favorite species. The ballots and pens are located by the ballot boxes on the respective display tables. On the hybrid tables in September, the winners of the vote for members’ favorite hybrid were a three-way tie:

  • Cattleya Yung Duan Sweet, grown by Sally Jo Flores
  • Pragmipedium Sorcerer’s Apprentice, grown by Stephen Gallagher
  • Dtps. Dyah Redita ‘Hawaii,’ grown by Sandra Higham

The voting for members’ favorite species also resulted in a tie:

  • Dendrobium bigibbum, grown by Sandra Higham
  • Encyclia Phoenicia, grown by Fr. Ted Baenziger

As night temperatures begin to fall and even more plants are induced to bloom, I know I for one am excited to see what everyone has been growing, so continue bringing in those plants for everyone to enjoy!

Phragmipedium Sorcerer’s Apprentice
—Stephen Gallagner

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale

Cattleya Yung Duan Sweet
—Sally Jo Flores

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale

Dtps. Dyah Redita ‘Hawaii’
—Sandra Higham

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale

Dendrobium bigibbum—
Sandra Higham

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale

Encyclia Phoenicia
—Fr. Ted Baenziger

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale