Eron Borne to Speak at September 1 Meeting

Our September 1 HOS meeting features a presentation on “Growing Phragmipediums in the South” by Eron Borne of the Central Louisiana Orchid Society (CLOS).

Professionally, Eron is a pilot, but he is also a very diverse orchid grower and breeder. One of his specialties is Phragmipediums, which he has been growing in Louisiana for the past 15 years, and he has even done his own hybridizing with them. He currently has 150+ Phrags in his collection, successfully growing most of the species here in the deep South. Before growing Phrags in a greenhouse, he grew them under lights and on a windowsill. Eron has received numerous AOS awards for his Phragmipediums to date, and he has won show trophies for Best Grown Plant and Best Flower in the Cypripedium Alliance.

Eron is the current Vice-Chair of the AOS Education Committee and immediate past President and current Webmaster & Secretary for the CLOS. He is also an AOS student judge with the Louisiana Judging Center in Alexandria. Eron has traveled and seen orchids in-situ in Colombia, Ecuador, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama. In addition to Phragmipediums, he has a large number of Cattleyas and Vandas, and is growing more than 60 different genera in the same greenhouse, including Masdevallia, Dracula, Miltoniopsis, Restrepia, Zygopetalum, C. coccinea, and many other intermediate- to cooler-growing orchids.

He currently lives in Harrisonburg, Louisiana, along with his wife, Anna, and his twin daughters Elizabeth and Julia.

The September 1 meeting will be held at First Christian Church, 1601 Sunset Boulevard, Houston, Texas, 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Everyone is welcome!

Phragmipedium Beresford ‘Catahoula,’ (Phragmipedium Bel Royal x Phragmipedium Eric Young), HCC/AOS 79, exhibited by Eron Borne, photo by Susan Hathorn.