Dave Sorokowsky to Speak at October 6 Meeting

At our October 6 meeting, Dave Sorokowsky of Paph Paradise Orchids in Lincoln, California, will speak to us about “Novelty Paphiopedilums,” including culture and care as well as where we will go next after this first generation of novelty breeding.

After receiving his degree in biochemistry from the University of Toronto, Dave opted to step outside his chosen field to operate a tropical fish import business for eight years. Upon returning to school, Dave received a degree in enology and viticulture from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. While attending Brock, Dave began acquiring orchids one 2-inch pot at a time, and before he graduated, Dave had more than 100 orchids. Winemaking and a passion for orchids prompted Dave to seek a warmer climate in California about a year later.

Dave has been growing Paphiopedilums for about 15 years and seriously hybridizing for the past 10 years. He is an accredited AOS judge and his Paphiopedilums have received more than 100 awards to date from the AOS and CSA. Many of those awarded plants play important roles in his breeding program. In 2018, Dave left winemaking to focus all his time running Paph Paradise Orchids.

Dave will bring plants with him for sale and is offering a 10% discount for pre-orders over $100 and no shipping charges. The deadline for pre-orders is September 23. His plant selection can be viewed on his website at paphparadise.com, and pre-orders should be emailed to him directly at dave@paphparadise.com. When placing your pre-order, please note which society you are with so that he knows to bring your plants to Houston.

In addition, Dave will take orders for orchids from his neighbor, Gold Country Orchids (the current GCO availability list is attached). No discount will apply to Gold Country Orchids orders.

The October 6 meeting will be held at First Christian Church, 1601 Sunset Boulevard, Houston, Texas, 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Everyone is welcome!

Paphiopedilum fairrieanum f. bohlmannianum (album) ‘Tavel,’ AM/AOS 81, exhibited by Dave Sorokowsky, photo by Ramon de los Santos.