Dendrobium Pure Heart ‘Snow Love’ (Den. Silky Jewel x Pianist), AM/AOS 84, Award #20234102
—Holly Miller

Photos: Malcolm McCorquodale

Paphiopedilun haynaldianum ‘Rick’s Best,’ AM/AOS 85, Award #20234103
—Rick Hepler

Photos: Malcolm McCorquodale

Paphiopedilum moquetteanum ‘Elaine,’ AM 81, Award #20234104
—Derek Lowenstein

Photos: Malcolm McCorquodale

Rhyncholaelia Remar’s Crown Jewel ‘Rare Earth Orchids’ (Rlc. Little Toshie x Rlc. Newberry Sweetheart), HCC/AOS 75, Award #20234105
—Stephen Moffitt

Photos: Malcolm McCorquodale

Eighteen Judges Grant Four Flower Awards
and Two Exhibit Awards at HOS Show & Sale in March

On March 3, 2023, we judged at Memorial City Mall, both for ribbons and trophies and for AOS in a five-and-a-half-hour marathon session, thanks to many able clerks under Rick Hepler’s direction and 18 judges, including representatives from Dallas and San Antonio. All photos are thanks to our talented Malcolm McCorquodale, who also won a trophy for his exhibit of art prints in the Houston Orchid Show. The Galveston Orchid Society won Best Tabletop Exhibit and the Orchid Digest Award, while many varied and unusual orchids appeared in the nine other exhibits, with the HOS offering standing magnificently at one end. There were six AOS awards!

Dendrobium Pure Heart ‘Snow Love’ (Den. Silky Jewel x Pianist), AM/AOS 84, presented by Holly Miller

Thirty round flat flowers, pristine white strikingly marked burgundy, with near perfect arrangement on one 47-cm cane and 36 additional flowers on four other canes; sepals lanceolate, white; petals ovate, margins ruffled, white; lip round, ruffled, white, throat rose pink, disk vivid burgundy, yellow halo; column and anther cap white; substance firm; texture crystalline.

This clone was previously awarded with an AM 82 to a previous owner. Congrats to Holly on her magnificent specimen!

Paphiopedilun haynaldianum ‘Rick’s Best,’ AM/AOS 85, presented by Rick Hepler

Four large, flat, symmetrical, shapely flowers and one bud on one ascending 66-cm inflorescence, and one immature inflorescence; dorsal sepal quilled basally (conical, spindle-shaped), white, flushed chartreuse basally, striated violet centrally; synsepal quilled basally, chartreuse, sparsely spotted brown basally; petals spatulate, downcurved, upturned distally, chartreuse, boldly spotted brown basally; pouch glabrous, chartreuse suffused brown anterior-distally; staminode cordate, jade green, blotched emerald centrally; substance firm; texture crepe.

A stunner!

Paphiopedilum moquetteanum ‘Elaine,’ AM 81, presented by Derek Lowenstein

One well-formed flower and one bud on one arching 14.0-cm inflorescence; dorsal sepal orbicular, very flat, emarginate, green, spotted maroon, coalesced into striations, midrib clear green, cream-colored picotee; synsepal ovate, cupped, green, spotted maroon coalesced into striations; petals horizontal, twisted, cream, spotted and striated maroon, margin undulate and hirsute; pouch pale rose, rim chartreuse, interior chartreuse, stippled maroon; staminode obovate, green, distal four fifths dark olive; substance firm; texture matte.

Rhyncholaelia Remar’s Crown Jewel ‘Rare Earth Orchids’ (Rlc. Little Toshie x Rlc. Newberry Sweetheart), HCC/AOS 75, presented by Stephen Moffitt

Two full, slightly reflexed flowers on one 8-cm inflorescence, and two buds on second inflorescence; dorsal bright yellow, suffused red; petals ruffled, deep yellow blushed marginally and suffused red apically; lip tubular, ruffled, bright yellow, red picotee above, deep red distally, veined centrally; column white; substance weak; texture crystalline.

When Renée Gerber came on Saturday, she appreciated the hybrid she and Marvin had made many years ago and praised Stephen for his faithful care of their heritage.

Houston Orchid Society Exhibit (84 pts) (see photos below)

The Houston Orchid Society presented one free-standing, island exhibit, 13 x 9 x 8 ft high (4 x 2.9 x 2.5 m), centered on a pergola with two fluted white wooden columns, each flanked by a trellis and a tiered table wrapped in black cloth; between the columns stood a round, white wicker table featuring Ctt. Gold Digger and two chairs; design allows horizontal and vertical color flow, smooth transition between hanging and standing plants, and 3D views of orchid species and hybrids in a large variety of genera, which received trophies for best-grown Oncidinae, Dendrobinae, and Vandaceous, best flower of Phalaenopsis, Vanda, and Dendrobium; as well as two AOS quality awards and best society exhibit; about 18 society members contributed plants. This exhibit also received AOS Silver Certificate #20234107.

Congratulations to Sarah Bentley and Brad Miller, who directed the operation.

Many, many thanks to all who worked so hard, especially to Holly Miller, an invaluable, indefatigable, and highly effective Judging Chair and general Chief of Operation.

All photos of Houston Orchid Society 2023 Spring Show & Sale awardees were taken by Malcolm McCorquodale and are copyright 2023 by Malcolm McCorquodale, Houston, Texas. Houston Orchid Society and the American Orchid Society have permission to use these photos on their websites and in their publications provided credit is given to the photographer and the copyright statement is not removed.

Photos: Malcolm McCorquodale

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