Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis to Speak at July 6 Meeting

Stephen will cover bifoliate Cattleyas.

At our next Houston Orchid Society meeting on Thursday, July 6, Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis will speak on bifoliate Cattleya species and their care.

Stephen started growing orchids in 1992 when he was 12. He has grown orchids in Canada, Arizona, Hawaii, and now Texas. He has been an AOS member for much of that time and is a fully accredited AOS judge at the Alamo Judging Center in San Antonio. Over the years, Stephen has served multiple terms as President, Vice President of Speakers, and Vice President of Social Media for the Heart of Texas Orchid Society in Austin.

Stephen focuses most of his orchid-growing energy on Cattleyas and Catasetums, though he also grows Bulbophyllums, Cyrtopodiums, Ansellia, and an expanding Phalaenopsis collection. He enjoys growing his orchids outside underneath the oak trees and recently moved from Dripping Springs to Boerne, Texas.

Stephen authored Rhyncholaelia digbyana, The Frilled Wonder, published in the August 2020 edition of the AOS Orchids magazine. Stephen also has a YouTube channel where he discusses tips and tricks for growing Cattleyas, Catasetums, Cyrtopodiums, and a few other genera in Texas.