Looking Ahead to Cooler Weather? We Can Only Hope!

Hello everyone. As I write this, Houston is still suffering the infernal and interminable Heat Wave. I hope each of you has found a strategy for coping with it and managing to keep your orchids alive. I have been fortunate to live in an area with a fair amount of shade. I put a canvas cover over my backyard pergola, but still the sun is brutal. Perhaps the weather will break before our September 7 meeting. See the article about our speaker, Dennis Szeszko, who will cover the Barkeria orchid family.

The August workshop was a great success. Feedback from attendees was positive. Alan Koch’s and Dotty Woodson’s presentations gave great tips about growing orchids outdoors. Also, folks were excited to add to their collections and supplies at the plant sales and silent auction. Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered to produce the workshop.

To celebrate the anticipated cooler weather, a fall picnic will be held at First Christian Church on Saturday, October 21, 2023. Beginning at 11 am, we will gather outdoors under the walkways on the Rice University (south) side of the church building. Bring your friends and family, along with your own picnic. HOS will provide games, sodas, and water. More details to follow.

The October 21 picnic will feature an auction of mature plants that have been grown in Houston. Several sizable donations of orchids came in this summer. I truly appreciate the efforts of the team of volunteers and greenhouse owners who stepped up to maintain this windfall.

Here are a few pictures of some of the orchids you will see at the picnic. I included a picture of my home-made shade house using three Adirondack chairs. Quick build!