Looking Ahead Now to the Annual Picnic in October

I am looking forward to welcoming the Fall temperatures, if they ever arrive. At least we have had a bit of rain, even though it has not been enough to break the drought. I have a couple of orchid blooms this week, hoping to bring them to the October 5 meeting. My favorite part of the meeting is the “Show-and-Tell” table, so I’m excited each month to see the lovely blooms folks bring!

The annual picnic will be held at First Christian Church on Saturday, October 21, 11:30am to 1:30pm. The HOS Judging Center is meeting there earlier in the day and then will resume their orchid judging after the picnic and auction.

It’s a “bring your own” picnic, with drinks provided. See the article for details, and bring your decorated basket for the contest. Be prepared to take home new plants because there will be an auction beginning at 12:30. The picnic will be posted on HOS’ Facebook page, so visitors are welcome.

I’m sure you are aware the HOS Nominating Committee will announce a slate of officers for 2024 at the October meeting. Thank you to everyone who has responded “Yes.” We will vote at the meeting on November 2. If anyone has a nomination from the floor, be prepared to enter it at the November meeting.

After the President is elected, he or she will be making requests to fill committee chairs for the next year. Please consider taking part in the operations of HOS. Several important positions will be offered to folks who are willing and able to attend most meetings.

If you are unable to attend any meeting, please take advantage of the Zoom component of each meeting. The Zoom link is emailed to every member about a week prior to the meeting, along with a description of the program.

—Sarah Bentley, President