Rock Stars Among Us! President’s Message—July 2022

Full summer is upon us, and everyone is fighting the grueling heat. I hope no one gets “All Shook Up” by the water restrictions in Houston. Hope most of our orchids don’t turn into “Hunks of burning love.” You may have guessed by now that I’m visiting family in north Mississippi, and the news here is full of the new Elvis movie.

But back in Houston, HOS has its own national and, arguably, international stars in its history. I remind you that our own Jay Balchan was recently installed as president of the American Orchid Society. He will be sharing his expertise on orchid culture at our July 7 meeting. Check out Steven Gallagher’s article about the meeting.

Traveling back in time, other HOS luminaries were as big as Elvis in their own ways. All these details and more will be the topic of the Sunday, July 24, Culture Club meeting. I will make a presentation on the history of the Houston Orchid Society. Location details will be shared with members via email before the day. For those who can’t come in person, the invitation will include a Zoom link.

—Sarah Bentley

Congratulations to Stephen Gallagher and his family on the birth of their new daughter.