Official HOS Nametags Now Available for Purchase

By Sarah Bentley

I am pleased to announce that after a long hiatus, Houston Orchid Society has a new source for magnetic name badges! The design is 1 in. x 3 in., with black lettering on a white background. An outline drawing of a Phalaenopsis blossom appears, and “Houston Orchid Society” is printed under the member’s name. Each month, the new badges will be available at the HOS meeting for pick up from me, Sarah Bentley, at the Welcome Table.

You may order online using the form on this page and prepay with a credit card. Alternatively, you can bring cash or a check made out to Houston Orchid Society to the Welcome Table at any HOS monthly meeting. The cost of each badge is $12.50. No badges will be ordered without prepayment, and there will be no refunds.

Please be sure to indicate the EXACT spelling of your chosen first and last names in the space provided. If you prefer to have only a first name and last initial, be sure to make that clear on the order form.

When I first joined Houston Orchid Society many years ago, most of the current members were wearing a name badge. I felt welcomed by that, and it was nice that I did not have to scramble to recall everyone’s name during conversations. It was expected that each member would order a badge and wear it at every HOS event. During the pandemic, the HOS name badge system for ordering was disengaged, and the supply was difficult to reestablish. But here we are, post pandemic, with our system back in place! Order your name badge today!

Why Wear a Name Badge?

  • Identifying as a member opens the door for friendship.
  • People feel connected when they hear their name.
  • Most of us are terrible at remembering names.
  • Houston Orchid Society has a great number of new members.
  • A badge is a conversation starter.

Dtps. Shiuhdong Sweetheart ‘Jumbo Ruby’ (Sunrise Halobird x Taisuco Firebird)
—Clown Alley Orchids, Pasadena, Texas

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale

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