HOS Officers Elected for 2024

At the December 7, 2023, general meeting, the 2024 officers were elected by acclimation:

  • President: Stephen Gallagher
  • VP Shows: Ken Whitmire
  • VP Speakers: Rick Hepler
  • VP Membership: Steve Fox
  • Recording Secretary: Donna Diggons
  • Treasurer: Winnie Yap
  • Past President: Sarah Bentley

SWROGA Representative: Laurie Skov

2024 Board of Directors
  • Ted Baenziger
  • Lily Chang
  • Amy Colville
  • Don Ghiz
  • Rick Hepler
  • Derek Lowenstein
  • Malcolm McCorquodale
  • Holly Miller
  • Dennis Tomjack

Left to right: Sarah Bentley, Past President; Rick Hepler, VP Speakers; Stephen Gallagher, President; Winnie Yap, Treasurer; Ken Whitmire, VP Shows; and Derek Lowenstein, Board of Directors.

Photo: Malcolm McCorquodale