Fr. Ted Gives Good News and Bad News

The bad news is that our January 15 judging session was cancelled at the regular meeting place and we had to do our meeting on Zoom. The good news is that we accomplished a lot in our business meeting that day, my first as chair of the Houston Judging Center. Fifteen attended, including our intrepid clerk, Rosalvina Guimerans, and the most talented photographer, Malcolm McCorquodale. Our finances are good, thanks to the support of the Houston Orchid Society for our annual orchid auction, which was held in December. Proceeds help us pay for rent and supplies. We are volunteers, you see, and get no pay for what we do. Thank you, HOS!

Three of us in HJC went to Alexandria the next weekend for the Tri-Center Judges meeting, along with the Dallas and Louisiana Judging centers. There were about 25 judges present, and we learned about judging the Catasetinae (three genera in that grouping, Catasetum, Mormodes, and Clowesia) and about mini-Catts (Cattleyas that bloom freely on very small plants), both talks by Fred Clarke.

We also judged orchids. I took the accompanying photos, but none of these were awarded. Another Cattleya cross received an HCC award.

I would like to point out the ingenious display of the Vanda, using an inexpensive drying pole, which can also be used for fine garments!

As a final note, please feel free to bring orchids for judging on February 19. Note that the place will be the Church Center, but may have to change to the University of St. Thomas at the old Black Lab on 4100 Montrose at West Main. We will keep you posted as we struggle with pandemic restrictions.

Happy growing! Keep yourselves and your ‘chids safe and warm.

—Fr. Ted Baenziger, Chair, HJC

Calanthe vestita

Calanthe vestita

Paphiopedilum venustum

Paphiopedilum venustum


A deep blue Vanda


Ingenious display rack for Vanda