Archive: Award Winners

2022 Spring Show Awards

Awards granted at Houston Orchid Society Show & Sale, May 6, 2022: Enanthleya Charlie Brown ‘LIB’ (Cattlianthe Rojo x Encyclia cordigera), AM 80, presented by Larry Baker; Guarechea Black Comet ‘Indigo Blue’ (Guarechea Miva Etoile Noir x Prosthechea cochleata), AM 84, presented by Dennis Tomjack; Phalaenopsis Liu’s Berry ‘Amazing Grace’ (Eduardo Quisumbing x parishii), HCC 78, presented by Yvonne Li and Jay Kwan; Vandachostylis Ploenpit Blue (V. Tristar Blue x Vandachostylis Sasicha), AM 82, presented by Laurie and Sheila Skov; Vandachostylis Yen HKN Ng ‘Jamie’s Flip’ (V. lamellata x Vandachostylis Vinita), HCC 79, presented by Laurie and Sheila Skov

April 2022 Awards

HJC awards, April 2022: Paphiopedilum Majestic Fred (Paphiopedilum Grand Fred ‘Dorsal Red’ x Paphiopedilum President Fred ‘Pink Intrigue’) ‘Arnspiger’, HCC 76, presented by Brent Arnspiger, Houston, Texas; Paphiopedilum Hawaiian Joy (Paphiopedilum French Jewel x Paphiopedilum Jewel Green) ‘Arnspiger’, HCC 75, presented by Brent Arnspiger, Houston, Texas; and Clowesetum Elizabeth Anne Gallagher (Clowesia Rebecca Northen x Catasetum tigrinum) ‘Margarita’, HCC 77, presented by Stephen Gallagher, Houston, Texas.

March 2022 Awards—Louisiana

Awards granted in Louisiana, March 26, 2022: Dendrobium purpureum 'Mem. Georg Hirsch Jr.,' AM 81, presented by Meta Flanagan; Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Flaming Ball 'Max,' AM 81, presented by Mary Richardson; Laeliocatanthe (Lcn.) UNREGISTERED 'Epijim,' HCC 75, presented by James Jeansonne.

March 2022 Award

Houston Judging Center award, March 2022: Mormodia Regine Viard 'Roxie,' AM 83, presented by Stephen Gallagher.

February 2022 Awards

Houston Judging Center awards, February 2022: Paphiopedilum Delightfully Venus ‘Painter’ ([Magical Venus x Red Extremities] x [Venus Knight x Red Flares]), HCC 76, presented by Amy Colville; Clowesetum Sofia Margolis (Clowesia Rebecca Northen x Catasetum cirrhaeoides) ‘Rare Earth Orchids,' HCC 76, presented by Stephen Moffitt; Catasetum discolor, ‘Rare Earth Orchids,’ CHM 82, presented by Stephen Moffitt.
Fdk. Desert Bordeaux ‘LIB’ (Fdk. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Alexa)

December 2021 Awards

Houston Judging Center awards, December 2021: Fredclarkara Desert Bordeaux HCC 79 ‘LIB’ (Fdk. Painted Desert x Mo. Alexa), presented by Larry I. Baker from Galveston Bay Orchid Society; Fdk. No Doubt HCC 78 ‘REO’ (Painted Desert x Susan Fuchs), presented by Stephen Moffitt.
Paphiopedilum Hsinying Deflag 'Maik Carsten' AM/AOS 82Sean Gasser

December 2021 Awards—Louisiana

HJC awards granted in Louisiana, December 4, 2021: Paphiopedilum Hsinying Deflag 'Maik Carsten' (Paphiopedilum Maudiae x Paphiopedilum Dragon Flag), AM/AOS 82, presented by Meta Flanagin; Phragmipedium pearcei 'Catahoula,' HCC/AOS 78, presented by Eron Borne; Vanda Yellow Butterfly 'Lucy' (Vanda Tubtim Velvet x Vanda Butterfly), AM/AOS 81, presented by Glenn Gawarecki.
Epidendrum porpax ‘Rare Earth Orchids’

November 2021 Awards

Houston Judging Center granted two awards on Saturday, November 20. Stephen Moffitt earned an AM of 82 points and a Certificate of Cultural Merit (CCM) for 83/100 points with an Epidendrum porpax, a species from South America, clonal name ‘Rare Earth Orchids.’
Rhyncattleanthe Lovely Fantasy ‘Rare Earth Orchids’

October 2021 Award

Houston Judging Center award, October 2021: Rhyncattleanthe Love Sound x Cattleya Fire Fantasy, presented by Stephen Moffitt.