Houston Orchid Societies meetings are held at the First Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at the First Christian Church/School, 1601 Sunset Boulevard, Houston TX  77005.

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March Guest Speaker:
John Stubbings


Unusual Relatives of Cymbidiums


John has been growing orchids starting indoors under lights and in windowsills in 1979. He built his first lean-to greenhouse in 1986 and then a larger freestanding greenhouse in 1996.


Clown Alley Orchids is the family business started in 1986 near Chicago. In September 2005 he re-opened the orchid business with a full time retail shop in Pasadena, Texas where the greenhouse space is much larger. John is the chief grower and hybridizer. Clown Alley Orchids attends many shows and fairs each year exhibiting and selling orchids suitable for the south.


John is currently immediate past President of the Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Association (SWROGA).


John is a fully accredited American Orchid Society (AOS) judge (since 1991). He has attended and judged shows all over the US and international shows in Canada, Scotland, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. John was President of the Illinois Orchid Society for three years and a director or officer of the Illinois Orchid Society for over 20 consecutive years. He was President of the Houston Orchid Society for 2010 after serving two years as a Vice-President. John has won many AOS awards for flower quality as well as cultural excellence.


John gives lectures or presentations throughout the world to various orchid and botanical or garden groups. These talks are usually about growing orchids more effectively or about Phalaenopsis or other orchid genera. John as lectured in Tainan, Taiwan; Peterborough, England; Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. He also has lectured in many states.


Come hear John speak Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 @ 7:30 PM at the First Christian Church & School.






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