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We are so glad you decided to stop by for a visit. The Houston Orchid Society has been in existence in Houston since 1945. Through the years we have become a vibrant family of orchid lovers dedicated to the preservation of orchids in their natural habitats and the education of the public.

The annual HOS show was held in April at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and was a tremendous success.   Many other events are planned for this year and the speaker lineup for this year is exceptional.  If you want to learn about orchid culture or add plants to your collection, the  HOS monthly meetings are sure to please.

The Houston Orchid Society offers special programs to fit your level of orchid growing.  The Newcomers Group offers basic growing tips and the Intermediate Group selects  topics of interest to the group for more in depth studies. 

Accept this invitation to come partake in the enjoyment of the beautiful, the odd, fragrant, and varied world of orchids.  Welcome to the Houston Orchid Society web site and the orchid community.


You can now purchase shirts, hats, mugs and other items with the official HOS Logo.  We have set up a shop with many items bearing the HOS Logo and you can choose your style and color and pay with your credit card.

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April 3, 2014 Meeting


Greg Allikas

" Rupicolous Laelias"


Greg Allikas is known the world over for his brilliant photographs of orchids, flowers and foliage. His extensive knowledge of his subject and arts background offer a unique interpretation that is both accurate, and stunningly beautiful. He has been a commercial photographer and orchid grower since 1970. He is awards photographer for the AOS  Florida-Caribbean Judging Center in Miami and numerous annual orchid shows in the U.S. and abroad. His photos are regularly seen in American Orchid Society publications including the annual calendar and ORCHIDS magazine. He has written numerous articles for both ORCHIDS magazine and Orchid Digest. His orchid articles have been published in Russia, Germany, Sweden, France and South America. His most recent books are, Four Seasons of Orchids (co-authored with Ned Nash) and a recent collaboration with San Francisco orchidist Bruce Rogers, titled The Orchid Whisperer. In 2005, Greg was honored to consult on, and supply photography for a United Nations postal administration endangered species stamp release featuring 12 endangered orchid species.  Recipient of the Silver Medal from the American Orchid Society. Greg is the proprietor of the popular Orchid Photo Page on the World Wide Web at  www.orchidworks.com.






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